Do Not Pick A Niche On Medium

Finding a good niche is probably the most important part of building any business.

When it comes to your new blog:

  • If you pick a niche with high competition, your blog gets bashed by high-authority competitors.
  • If you pick a niche nobody is interested in, you will not get visitors.
  • If you don’t pick a niche at all and write about everything, you end up with a bunch of confused readers.

This is likely what you were told before you started writing on Medium, right?

It indeed applies outside of Medium, for example when you create your own blog site. But when it comes to writing on Medium, things don’t work like that. It is a completely different ball game to write on a popular blogging platform vs. writing on a less-known website.

Do Not Blindly Stick With A Niche On Medium

You shouldn’t really focus on a single niche on Medium. Especially in the beginning. How could you know what works and what doesn’t with a single try?

First, you should experiment with writing about different topics to see what works for you the best. To make this strategy work, however, publish your masterpieces via relevant publications.

Why No Single Niche On Medium

To understand why you should avoid being consistent and play with different niches on Medium, let’s compare blogging on your own site and blogging on a platform like Medium.

1. An Own Blog

If you create your own blog, you should indeed focus on a single niche as described in the beginning.

It is next to impossible to experiment with a number of different topics/niches when it comes to your own website. This is because you would need to build a new site for each niche you want to try. Yet building one can take months or even years of hard work before you have a strong and loyal audience on your side.

This is just to prove that generally having a niche is a really important thing.

2. A Medium Blog

Building a big following on Medium is just as difficult as gaining traction on your brand-new website. You are lucky if you reach 1k followers. But there are publications that have hundreds of thousands of followers on Medium. The publications are the key to switching topics on Medium.

A popular Medium publication is like a popular website with a niche and large following. You can be part of any number of publications for free without any risk.

This is what gives you a unique opportunity like no other. You can experiment with a variety of topics in a number of high-authority publications. It is literally as if you were granted to publish your content on famous websites from day one.

Of course, there are strict rules and guidelines for each publication. You also have to apply as a writer for each publication, to begin with. But it is worthwhile.


Sticking with a niche is important.

Not on Medium, though. Medium publications offer you a unique chance to experiment with different topics and niches.

Publications expose your articles to a large group of potential readers interested in your topic.

You should first write about anything to see what works for you. Just remember to always find a suitable publication via which you publish the article.

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