Don’t Waste Your Time Building Links with ChatGPT

Have you seen one of those YouTube thumbnails that say “I Build 15,204 Links Using ChatGPT”.

Well, you’ve been lied bad!

ChatGPT cannot build links or do any other SEO for that matter. The only reason those tutorials exist is for likes, views, and for money. Don’t fall for it.

Don’t believe it? Let me show you what’s going on behind the scenes!

Why ChatGPT Backlinks Are Bad?

You’ve heard a million times why links are crucial for effective SEO. You also know how hard it is to build links, right?

🤔 Link-building is such a waste of time these days, that you get far better results by not building links at all. Read my story here.

Building Links Is a Waste of Time in 2024

But these days, there’s ChatGPT and other AI tools that promise you to get the job done.

ChatGPT link building prompt example

The “AI SEO Gurus” claim you can use ChatGPT to distribute your anchors, craft clever outreach emails, and write “link-bait” content easily with AI.

But let me tell you the reality behind all of this.

AI SEO Experts Lie

Let me show you how those “AI SEO Expert” videos actually work and why they exist.

YouTube and Google are pushing AI-related content high in the search results and to people’s recommendations. If a content creator creates a video about anything AI, it will get a huge audience.

Here’s the catch! Almost all SEOs make their money through course sales, not through SEO. It’s common to make $0.5-$1 per video view.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with selling courses. Even I sell one. 🙂 But the way to sell those courses is usually based on false hype and lies.

If you want to, search for “AI SEO” on YouTube. You’ll see those flashy thumbnails and videos full of complete garbage advice (not backed up by any real experience) yet some have 10,000+ views. I’ve seen some with almost a million views which is crazy.

For example, when I search for “ChatGPT Backlinks” there are tons of videos with massive views.

Even though 10,000 views doesn’t sound much, that can easily mean $5,000-$10,000 in course sales. Not bad, considering it’s made-up content backed by no real results.

This is the reason why “ChatGPT SEO Build Links” videos exist. Those are only there to collect money. It’s nothing but a big ol’ scam!

What Do I Know?

I don’t my take is even what one could consider a “hot take”. It’s plain and obvious that growth hacks and shortcuts never work because anybody could take those.

Anyways, here’s what I know about ChatGPT SEO.

I’ve been using ChatGPT since 2020 when it was launched as GPT-3. Ever since I started experimenting with it, I’ve found that there’s absolutely no way to gain an SEO advantage with it (or with any other AI tool).

I’ve even launched some sites with ChatGPT. Those never get views even with topics I’ve had millions of reads in the past.

For example, here’s an AI SEO website I launched last year. It has 22 clicks in 6 months…

AI SEO website with no visitors

And here’s another basically identical site with human-written content that was 6 months old at the time of taking this screenshot.

A website with almost 100k visitors

As you can see, the site is literally doing thousands of times better than the AI site.

The reason I launched the AI site was to test if I could get any views of AI content. Surprisingly, the number of visitors is nonexistent. Even I thought AI could do a bit better.

The Problem with SEO

The whole SEO industry has gotten behind. Especially after the 2022-2023 Google updates, sites with built links, keyword placement, AI content, etc. are in hot waters.

But the industry still wants to thrive (obviously, it’s a business).

If they told SEO strategies are useless, how would the SEO consults make money? Who could sell SEO courses? Or who would use expensive SEO tools?

The SEOs today simply aren’t telling the truth. They’re telling what makes them the most money.

Video platforms have a big problem too. They’re promoting videos that tell the audience what they want to hear, not the truth.

You still see videos that promise $10,000/mo after 3 months of SEO. But sadly, that’s not how it works. Why wouldn’t these creators then launch 1,000 of those sites? Because even they know it doesn’t work.

Don’t fall for ChatGPT AI SEO scams. Any video that promises AI SEO results or backlinks are a waste of time. What seems too good to be true is!

If AI SEO Worked…

Now, let’s assume you could get links with ChatGPT or that any other AI SEO trick worked.

This means anybody could launch thousands of AI SEO websites, and become rich.

But the problem is exactly that. Everybody is doing it.

Even if Google was so bad that they’d accidentally rank low-quality AI-generated pages, you wouldn’t be able to stand out for more than a month or two.

People go for niches where the money moves. If you find something where you make even just $100/mo using AI, it will be flooded with people in days or weeks.

Even if AI SEO worked, it wouldn’t give you an advantage because the competition would catch up soon.

The sad truth nobody tells and nobody wants to hear is that you need to work hard.

Do This Instead…

Don’t do AI SEO. Don’t try to automate link building with ChatGPT.

Just ignore the SEO advice. Focus on writing content for humans, not for robots.

I was just asked about my marketing strategy on one of my apps that makes a nice side income. I told them that it’s straightforward: Just cover your niche entirely with content that’s better than what already exists.

That’s the only “SEO strategy” you need. This is the only long-term strategy that doesn’t get struck by Google algorithm updates.

Google wants to serve the audience with unique content that doesn’t exist anywhere.

With SEO and AI SEO, there are big flaws:

  • Backlinks don’t help your visitors.
  • Strange keyword combinations make your posts look robotic.
  • Paid SEO tools aren’t up to date and their data isn’t real.
  • AI won’t add anything new into the mix.

To put it short, don’t do AI SEO. Don’t even try! It’s a waste of time.

As legitimate as AI SEO might seem, I have yet to see one website or video where that really works. If you’re watching those videos, you’re just making the creator rich.

Thanks for reading!