Review (2024): The Best AI Assistant for Students?

Caktus AI is a prominent AI-powered study assistant. They say it can solve your homework.

But let’s find out if it actually works.

Caktus AI Overview

Caktus AI is an AI writing assistant. It takes your text input and turns it into a full-blown homework answer. You can use Caktus to write essays, solve math problems, and write code. The tool has a free trial and an affordable plan for students for unlimited use.

This rating table summarizes the features and usability of Caktus AI from a student standpoint.

Price $9.90/month
Ease of use4.5/5
Output Quality3.8/5
Mobile AppNo
Best forStudents

To put it short, the tool produces mostly original and unique content in seconds. It’s easy to use but it also makes some mistakes in a convincing tone of voice.

Caktus is ideal for students as an AI assistant tool to help with exercises and boost productivity. The tool can complete exercises from start to finish but makes some mistakes and sometimes generates non-original text.

Key Features

  • Free trial of 5,000 characters.
  • A vast array of helpful features for students, such as essay generator and code generator.
  • The tool is easy to use—just tell it what you want to write and it takes care of the rest.
  • Semi-automatic AI assistant that completes most tasks but requires some intervention.
  • Saves history so that you can come back to your exercises to make edits/ask for new output.

Getting Started with Caktus AI

Getting started with Caktus is easy. Just head over to their website and start creating. When you choose a feature you want to use, it asks you to create an account.

Caktus AI sign up

Notice that with this tool, you cannot create an account by using Google or Facebook. You need to create an account from scratch.

My Experience with Caktus AI

There are a ton of writing features present in Caktus. To not make this a two-hour-long review, I’m only going to review the most important ones from a student’s perspective.

To put it short, I’ll try how well this tool writes essays, solves math problems, and writes code.

Also, the best way to figure out if this tool is the right one for you is by experimenting with it yourself. The tool has a (limited) free trial of 5,000 characters.

1. Essay Writer

To write an essay with Caktus, choose the Essay Writer tool and give it the topic. Then you need to wait for 30-60 seconds for the tool to generate the essay.

I tested this feature by asking Caktus to generate an essay on the topic “Why is the sky blue and not white like the sun”.

Here’s the output:

Caktus AI generated this essay

On the surface, this essay looks good. It even has citations to the original research papers.

But there are lots of problems with it too!

First of all, the second chapter is completely irrelevant to the topic of why is the sky blue. It talks about some computer graphics research and visual experiences.

Also, in the later sections, the article talks about why the sky appears red or orange during sunsets. It mentions how the sun is “closer” or “further” and that causes the shift in color.

In reality, the sun is not closer or farther throughout the day. Instead, the light rays need to travel longer distances in the earth’s atmosphere when the sun is setting/rising.

This is a false claim made by the AI essay generator—yet it does it in a convincing fashion.

Caktus can sometimes make mistakes that are hard to detect. To ensure accuracy, it’s necessary to thoroughly fact-check and verify the information in the essay. Unfortunately, this can take longer than simply writing the piece from scratch.

And the less information there is about the topic, the more likely it is for the AI to make mistakes.

2. Paragraph Generator

Another cool feature of Caktus is the Paragraph Generator.

Similar to the essay generator, this feature asks you to give a short input about the paragraph you want to write about. Then after waiting for 15-30 seconds, you get an AI-generated output paragraph that’s completely unique and original.

Paragraph generator feature

For example, I asked the paragraph generator “What is Artificial Intelligence” and here’s the output I got:

Example output by Caktus

This chapter looks really nice. The information is definitely in place and the text is concise and short.

Because Caktus claims to generate original and unique content, let’s see if it holds true for this chapter. I’m going to use an online plagiarism-checking tool called DupliChecker for the paragraph:

Duplichecker shows plagiarism

As you can see, it says 9% of the paragraph contains plagiarism. As you can see, the tool points out the first sentence of the paragraph and points out to a resource from which it’s been copied.

So be careful! You don’t want to get caught for plagiarism especially when you’re relying on a tool that claims not to do it.

3. Math Solver

One useful feature of Caktus is the math solver mode. This tool lets you solve equations and math problems easily.

For example, here I’ve asked the tool to find the zeros of a quadratic equation:

Math equations with Caktus

This answer is 100% correct and it took no longer than 5 seconds to compute.

But this feature uses an existing free tool called Wolfram Alpha to calculate the results.

Unlike Caktus, Wolfram Alpha is free to use and you can access it here. So even though you can use Caktus to calculate mathematic equations and exercises, you can do the exact same for free in Wolfram Alpha.

Notice that you cannot use words to describe the math problem in hand here. You need to provide it with an equation to solve. So this feature is more or less like a graphical calculator rather than an AI-based math solver.

4. Code Writer

Last but not least, let’s give the code writer tool a try. There are many languages you can choose from, but let’s go with Python as that’s the most common language.

I asked the tool to write a script that retrieves web page HTML for URLs stored in a text file.

It took no more than 1 second to write this piece of code:

Writing Python with Caktus

This was impressive! I actually made sure the code works and it really did! I created a text file of URLs on my desktop and run the above script through the terminal to make sure the script grabs the HTML which is exactly what it did! What a cool feature.

Now, with more challenging pieces of code, there are going to be limitations. No AI can write perfect code that always works. A basic use case like opening a file or reading data from a URL is simple and AI can already do such tasks. But if you ask the AI to write a game or a powerful and robust piece of software, it cannot do it.

At this point, I’ve gone through some of the standout features of Caktus. I must say I’m impressed with the code generator as it worked super fast and the code was correct.

But the other features aren’t that impressive. The math solver is accessible as a separate free tool. And the essay/paragraph generators work decently but they make tons of mistakes and also sometimes plagiarise content.

The other features of Caktus use the same technology. This means these issues are present there as well even though I didn’t separately try them!



Caktus has a free trial of 5,000 characters—which is about 500-1,000 words.

The Caktus Premium plan comes at $9.99/month. With this plan, you can generate an unlimited number of words.

Pros and Cons

✅ Decent outputs that look human-generated❌ The tool is slower than most of the other AI writing tools I’ve used
✅ Plenty of features and services❌ Cannot find support/contact information anywhere in the tool
✅ The code generator feature generates valid and working code in a second

Who Is Caktus AI Best For?

Caktus AI is ideal for students. This tool writes essays, solves equations, and even writes some code—a perfect tool for a student of any kind—the tool performs well even for university-level tasks. Besides, the unlimited plan is affordable, unlike some other similar AI writing tools (Jasper, Content at Scale, CopyAI).

Final Verdict

Caktus AI is an impressive AI-powered writing assistant. You should definitely start experimenting with AI because it’s the future.

However, I’d like to emphasize the word “AI assistant”—this tool cannot always solve your homework on its own. It makes mistakes and even plagiarises content.

Nonetheless, Caktus AI is impressive. Back in 2020, no one would believe that these types of tools are possible in a couple of years’ time yet here we are!

But please be careful with the AI. The problem with AI is that it cannot think. It’s a mathematical model that predicts the outcome based on what it has learned over the internet. It has no idea what’s right or wrong—it’s just a statistical coincidence that the outputs are right most of the time.

As you saw in the examples above, it produced both plagiarised content and incorrect content—both of which were hard to spot.

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