Should You Build Backlinks? (NO, It’s a Waste of Time)

Should you build backlinks to a website such as a blog or company page?

The short answer: Absolutely NOT.

In this post, I will show you why building links is useless and how I’ve built four profitable blogs without building a single link.

Let’s jump into it!

Backlinks in a Nutshell

Backlinks are links that come from another site to yours.

For example, here is a backlink to my other website. So it’s just a regular link, nothing more, nothing less.

Backlinks are like friendly nods from one blogger to another, giving your site that much-needed street cred in the eyes of search engines.

Why Building Links Doesn’t Work?

Now, back in the day, if you asked any SEO they’d tell you straight up, “Want to rank higher on Google? You gotta build those backlinks!”

It was simple, the more backlinks, the better your blog would rank.

These days, the significance of links is diminishing. Also, if you build those, it’s very easy for Google to detect and penalize your site.

Google never wants you to build links. Building a link is a pathetic attempt to try to fool Google’s complex AI system that qualifies websites.

Links need to come naturally. Search engines can very easily detect if a site has built links or not.

That’s why it’s just easier to forget about links. I’ve never built links to my sites yet I have millions and millions of reads.

My Experience with Backlinks

I’ve built four profitable blogs and I never build links.

I like to think of backlinks a bit like buying followers for your social media accounts.

Sure, that big number looks impressive, but what’s it really worth if they aren’t organic?

Those bought followers aren’t engaging with your content or giving you that meaningful interaction. They aren’t helping you build a community either.

The exact same goes for links.

They might give your blog that initial “appearance” of authority in some random SEO tools, but in the end, they’re not truly contributing to your blog’s success.

Building Backlinks Is Hard

Acquiring even one decent backlink can be a strenuous grind.

You see, website owners nowadays are getting absolutely bombarded with backlink request emails.

I get these about 30-40 times a day.

email of backlink outreach

And these are paid requests! You can only imagine how hard it would be to get a free link when the paid ones get buried in spam folders.

And that’s where the hard grind comes in. You could easily spend 50 hours of work just to land a single backlink.

What if you spent that time on content instead? That’s what matters after all!

Instead of Backlinks, Do This…

Now you might be thinking, “If building backlinks isn’t the way to go, what should I be doing instead?”

Here’s the deal – Building links for the sake of building links is just…well, kinda useless.

But if your content is genuinely awesome, backlinks will come naturally.

If your blog post isn’t the absolute best post on a particular topic, it’s not going to make waves in the search results, no matter how many backlinks you’ve got.

word count of a blog post

You can’t game the system with a ‘meh’ post and a bunch of backlinks.

So what should you do?

Write the best post every time you write. Make it the most comprehensive, the most engaging, the most insightful piece on the subject.

skyscraper strategy

Google and other search engines aren’t going to recommend your content unless it’s the absolute best piece of content on the internet.

Wrapping Up

Don’t build links. It’s a waste of time!