What Is Organic Traffic? (A Definition)

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Organic traffic is the website visitors from Google and other search engines.

A more formal definition for organic traffic is that it’s the traffic that comes from unpaid resources.

Blogs and many online businesses benefit from organic traffic. Once a web page ranks high on search results, it might bring visitors and qualified leads for years to come.

Benefits of Organic Traffic

Organic traffic can be a passive stream of visitors for a long time.

For example, if a blog post ranks high on Google, it can get passive visitors for months or years to come.

Many online businesses use organic traffic to their advantage. They might invest in writing blog posts that then attract potential customers to their website passively.

These are some of the most notable benefits of organic traffic:

  1. Builds brand awareness
  2. Cost efficient
  3. Passive visitor stream
  4. Driven by customer intent
  5. High conversion rates
  6. Highly qualified leads
  7. Engaged customers

How to Get Organic Traffic

The only effective strategy to improve the organic traffic of any website is by starting a blog and writing a ton of posts to it.

The goal is to write highly valuable and informative blog posts in a particular niche.


Imagine you have an online store called “Pet Paradise” that sells unique pet accessories.

Instead of spending money on ads, you write helpful blog posts about pet care and training.

When people search for pet information on Google, they find your blog posts and click on the links. As they read your posts, they might become interested in your pet store.

More people discover your store through Google, and they start making purchases.

Word spreads, and your online store gains a reputation for its unique pet accessories.

This is the power of organic traffic from Google – attracting customers without expensive ads.

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Building Organic Traffic Takes Time

Google and other search engines recommend posts that solve problems that people are searching for.

Usually, it takes hundreds of blog posts and thousands of hours of work to get organic traffic.

Search engines are slow when it comes to ranking one’s content. It can easily take 6-12 months to climb up the rankings.

12+ months of steady growth on a blog
An example of a post that took 12 months to get decent organic traffic.