Blog Ads Demand Ramp-Up Period: How Long Does It Take?

Have you just integrated your website with an ad network like Ezoic or Google AdSense? Are the ads not performing well?

Ad networks regularly say that it takes a few weeks, sometimes even a couple of months, for the ad demand to fully ramp up.

But you might be surprised to learn that the reality is somewhat different.

How Long Does Ad Ramp-Up Period Last?

The ad demand ramp-up period is considerably shorter than what ad account managers tell.

You don’t need to wait weeks to have a clear picture of how your ads will perform. Instead, a mere 3-4 days are usually enough to give you a good idea of your ad revenue potential.

For me, it always takes four days each time to reach my “final” ad revenue levels in a new ad network. Yet, every time, my account managers assured me that it would take weeks or even months before I’d see the demand ramp up.


For example, take a look at this chart. It’s a bit messy because the ad network doesn’t allow filtering ad revenue only.

Ad performance

Anyways, the dark green chart is the ad revenue of my site.

As you can see, on day 4 since I joined, the ad revenue is already at the level where it will stay.

Demonstrating the realistic ramp up period

So if you’ve joined a network and on day #4 you make $50.00 from ads, that’s probably what you’re going to earn at most even after weeks have passed. So there are no big improvements after the first couple of days.

But This Is What They’ll Always Tell You…

3 weeks after I integrated my site with an ad network, I asked about the revenue as I wasn’t happy about it.

The account manager just told me to wait until the ad demand has ramped up. Even though it’s clear from the revenue charts that there will not be any improvements.

This has happened to me at least 4 times now.

I’m just sharing this because I don’t want you to wait for weeks in hopes of seeing significant ad revenue improvements just to find out nothing will change.

Don’t Draw Conclusions on the 1st Day

If your ads are performing badly during the 1st-3rd days since going live, don’t get frustrated. You will probably see a big spike in the next 24-72 hours.

This is the time when most of the “ramping up” will happen and you might easily earn 10 times less than on the next day or the day after.

After a couple of days, you will have a good idea of how the ads perform.

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Thanks for reading. Happy writing!