Best Alternatives of 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Choosing the best alternative is crucial but not a simple task because there are lots of great AI writing tools and assistants on the internet.

Due to the rapid developments in the field of AI, new awesome tools emerge.

This is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best alternatives. This curated guide reviews the 5 best Jenni alternatives to make your decision easier. Make sure to play around with the tools and use the free trials!

Remember to use AI carefully! Even though the tools are amazing, they still provide factually incorrect content and might do it in a convincing manner. Thus, you should not go on autopilot with an AI tool. Instead, use AI as a writing assistant rather than an independent worker.

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The Best Alternatives

This is a quick overview of the best alternatives. Feel free to jump into the review of a particular tool by using the links below.

  1. Jasper AI
  2. CopyAI
  3. Rytr
  4. Grammarly
  5. WriteSonic

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Let’s jump into the reviews!

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI Jenni alternative
Image Credit: Jasper

Jasper AI is the best alternative on the market.

Jasper is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that streamlines the writing process and allows you to produce content 2-5 times faster than you would normally do.

It’s not only the best alternative to Jenni, but also the most well-known AI writing and art-generating software and is among the fastest-growing companies in the US.

Simply provide Jasper with an input, and it will generate a corresponding output – not just completing sentences, but generating entire chapters or blog posts.

Not only does Jasper help you overcome writer’s block, but it also creates unique, high-ranking content to help you be more productive and successful in your writing.


  • 50+ AI templates: This refers to a set of pre-designed templates that can be used as starting points for writing tasks in the AI writing tool. These templates help you with different types of writing, such as business emails, social media posts, or reports.
  • Chrome extension: A Chrome extension is a small software program that can be installed in the Google Chrome web browser. With Jasper, the Chrome extension lets you access the tool directly from their web browser, rather than having to visit a separate website or open a standalone application to write content.
  • Support for 29+ languages: AI writing is not just for English speakers. This is useful for users who need to write in languages other than their own, or who work with a diverse group of people who speak different languages.
  • Up to 5 users: Jasper is designed to be used by up to 5 different users. It offers features such as shared documents and collaboration tools to facilitate teamwork.
  • Email support: Contact Jasper directly via email if you have any questions or issues with the tool. With “silly” questions, the answer may be generated with AI in my experience 😉


Jasper pricing table

There are three paid plans in Jasper:

  • Starter: $29/month
  • Boss Mode: $59/month
  • Business: Contact sales

To write long-form content, choosing the Boss Mode is the wisest decision. If you’re looking to generate short content like emails, bios, or social media posts, you’re good with the Starter plan.

2. CopyAI

CopyAI Jenni AI replacement
Image Credit: CopyAI

CopyAI is a natural language processing (NLP) tool that can generate human-like text based on a given input. It uses machine learning techniques to analyze and understand language patterns and can generate text that is similar in style and tone to the input text.

CopyAI is often used for tasks such as content generation, summarization, and translation. It can be used to automate repetitive writing tasks or to generate content quickly and efficiently.

It is important to note that while CopyAI can generate text that is similar in style and tone to the input text, it may not always accurately reflect the meaning or intent of the original text.

Check my complete review of CopyAI.


Here are some of the most notable features of CopyAI:

  • 5 user seats included. CopyAI is licensed for use by up to 5 users. This means that up to 5 people can use the tool simultaneously, each with their own login and access to the features of the tool.
  • 90+ copywriting tools. CopyAI has various tools and features included in the AI writing tool that are designed to help users with tasks related to copywriting, such as generating headlines, writing marketing copy, and editing text for clarity and concision. There are more than 90 of these tools available, providing a wide range of options for users to choose from.
  • Unlimited projects. You can create and work on an unlimited number of projects. This means that users can use the tool to work on as many projects as they want, without any restrictions or limitations.
  • Priority email support. Pro plan users have priority email support and will receive faster response times and higher priority when they contact the company’s support team with questions or issues related to the tool.
  • 25+ languages. CopyAI processes and generates text in more than 25 different languages. This allows users to work with the tool in their preferred language, and to generate text in multiple languages as needed.
  • Blog Wizard tool. CopyAI is designed to help users create blog posts more efficiently. The Blog Wizard tool comes with features like keyword suggestions, headline generators, and tools to help with formatting and structuring a blog post.


CopyAI pricing table

The pricing on CopyAI is simple. There’s a forever-free (limited) plan and then there’s the pro plan for the power users.

  • Free: Forever free (with limitations)
  • Pro: $49/month

3. Rytr

Rytr as a Jenni AI replacement
Image Credit: Rytr

Rytr is a writing platform that uses artificial intelligence to help users produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

The AI algorithm behind Rytr uses historical data to generate accurate and well-written articles with a customizable tone and style.

With Rytr’s assistance, users can write long-form content in a variety of styles and subjects, including technology, business, and sports, in just a matter of hours. Rytr is a powerful tool that can help save time and improve the quality of written content.


  • Generate UNLIMITED* characters per month. Use Rytr to generate as many characters as you need in a given month.
  • Access 40+ use cases. You can use Rytr assistant for a variety of different tasks or purposes, such as generating content for social media, creating marketing materials, or composing emails. The number of available use cases may vary.
  • Write in 30+ languages. Rytr is able to generate text in a variety of different languages.
  • Access 20+ tones. Rytr lets you generate text in a variety of different tones or styles, such as formal, casual, or humorous.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker. Rytr has a built-in tool for checking the originality of the generated text. This can help ensure that the text is not copied from other sources.
  • Generate up to 100 images per month with AI. Rytr has also artificial intelligence image-generating capabilities.
  • Access to premium community. Access the community of users who are using Rytr for assistance and networking.


Rytr pricing table

Rytr is the cheapest AI writing tool on the list that has all the main capabilities of tools like Jenni or Jasper. It’s one of the best alternatives thanks to the broad feature set and cheap pricing.

  • Free: There’s an always-free limited version of the software
  • Saver: $9/month
  • Unlimited: $29/month

4. Grammarly

Grammarly as Jenni AI alternative
Image Credit: Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful and useful writing assistance tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users improve their writing skills.

Grammarly is effective at identifying and correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues with the writing style and clarity. The tool is easy to use and can be integrated into other applications, such as word processors or email clients, which makes it convenient for users to access and use.

The tool is very similar to but has been around in the game for a longer period of time and uses AI superior to almost any other similar AI assistant.

In addition to its error-correction capabilities, Grammarly also offers suggestions for improving the overall quality of writing, such as suggesting alternative words or phrases use, helping with sentence structure and organization, and providing feedback on tone and style. This makes it a comprehensive writing tool that helps users write clearly, effectively, and with confidence.

Overall, I highly recommend Grammarly to anyone looking to improve their writing skills or to simply ensure that their written work is free of errors. It is a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone who writes on a regular basis.


Here are some of the main features of Grammarly:

  • Error correction: Grammarly uses AI to analyze text and identify grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues with the writing style and clarity. It then offers suggestions for correcting these errors and improving the overall quality of the writing. This makes writing text more confident and convenient.
  • Writing suggestions: Grammarly provides suggestions for improving the overall quality of writing, such as suggesting alternative words or phrases use, helping with sentence structure and organization, and providing feedback on tone and style.
  • Convenience: Grammarly can be used as a standalone writing assistant or can be integrated into other applications, such as word processors or email clients, which makes it convenient for users to access and use.
  • Customization: Grammarly allows users to customize their writing preferences, including language, writing style, and tone, to ensure that the tool is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Plagiarism detection: Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker that helps users identify and avoid plagiarism by comparing their writing to a database of billions of online sources.
  • Real-time feedback: Grammarly provides real-time feedback as users write, allowing them to identify and correct errors and improve their writing in real-time.


Grammarly pricing table

Grammarly has a well-known free plan that for most writers is already good enough on its own. Besides, there are two paid plans for power users who are looking for more customization and AI power:

  • Premium: $12/month
  • Business: $15/month

5. WriteSonic

WriteSonic as Jenni AI alternative
Image Credit: WriteSonic

WriteSonic is an artificial intelligence writing tool that helps you generate unique and original content.

It’s one of the best alternatives and one of the first AI writing tools that use the new ChatGPT technology behind the scenes.

You can use it as a writing assistant, similar to other tools on the market, to help you when you’re out of ideas.

WriteSonic can provide you with pre-written content to use as a foundation for your writing, such as a logical outline for a blog post or an introduction to help you overcome writer’s block.

No matter how you use it, WriteSonic makes writing easier and helps you produce engaging, shareable content for social media platforms.

Keep in mind that the free version of WriteSonic has limited features, so you may want to try it out before committing to a paid subscription.


  • Website Copy. Generate headers and landing pages for your website that convert.
  • Digital Ads. Generate top-notch ads for popular platforms, such as Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Ecommerce. Use the latest advancements in AI to generate best-seller product titles.
  • AI Article Writer. Use AI to generate long-form blog posts and content that ranks.


WriteSonic pricing table
  • Free trial: $0/month
  • Long-form: $12.67/month
  • Custom: Contact sales


In this guide, you learned about the best alternatives.

AI can be a useful tool for writers, but it should not be relied upon too heavily.

While AI can assist with grammar and spelling errors, it cannot fully replicate the creativity and nuance of human writing.

It is important to remember that AI is not a replacement for human writers, but rather a tool to be used in conjunction with human skills and judgment.

It is also important to note that AI is still developing and may not always produce accurate results, so it is important to carefully review and edit any work that has been assisted by AI.

Thanks for reading. I wish you great and productive experiences with the tools mentioned above!

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